Top 5 Kawaii Youtubers! Kawaii Fridays!

Ciao lovelies! Today for Kawaii Friday, you all voted for me to write about my top 5 kawaii youtubers! Now, since I've already done a spotlight about Yumi King she will not be in this list, but you can find the post about her HERE.

Today in no particular order I have chosen to spotlight: Manda31409, Pixielocks, Heather Sparkles, Wengie, and Pretty Pastel Please! These are all YouTubers that I feel are kawaii, in both aesthetic and personality!


Manda31409 does a lot of cute themed videos! As well as some other themed videos like Dollar Tree hauls (Which I love). Her "How to Be Kawaii" video recently got featured on LovelyLor's channel, and it's one of my favorites. 


Pixielocks is a YouTuber that I love because even though she has a super cute aesthetic, she's super down to earth and very forthcoming about her true feelings. Pixie posts about cosplay, fashion, and more! She even started her own style called "Party-Kei!"

Heather Sparkles

Another YouTuber that I love, I actually found Heather Sparkles' channel through Pixielocks! Heather has such a happy and fun personality that she interjects in every video. She does videos about vintage toys, thrift hauls, and more! 


Wengie is one of my all time favorite YouTubers! She is super bubbly and funny. She does a lot of different types of videos, but her cute personality makes them all super enjoyable. Plus she loves unicorns! And who doesn't love unicorns?

Pretty Pastel Please

I recently found Alex's channel through my YouTube reccomended, and I'm so glad I did. Alex does hauls and other cute videos, and her pet bird Archie is such a personality! I love him so much! #TheBirdStays!!

Who are some of your favorite Kawaii YouTubers? Do you have any channel recommendations? Leave them in the comments!

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