The Anatomy of EGL Fashion - Kawaii Fridays!

Ciao lovelies! Today for kawaii friday, I have for you a tutorial of how to put together (or Coordinate/coord for short) an EGL fashion outfit!

So, first I apologize for not going with the poll winner this week for kawaii friday, but as friday drew closer I realized I just didn't have any good decor ideas. Maybe when I get back to school I'll do a dorm decorating video to make it up to you? 

And two, if you don't know what EGL fashion is, or just need a refresher since it's been a while since we've talked about it, HERE is a post explaining all about the fashion and it's substyles and history. 

Today I'm going in depth on how to make a EGL or Lolita fashion styled outfit! There are a few basics that one must follow, as well as terminology to be explained, so let's begin!

Let's start with the foundation of every Lolita outfit- the petticoat. Below I have pictures of my two petticoats. 
 As you can see from the picture, the left one is made of a mesh/tulle-like fabric while the right one is printed chiffon. 

I got the left from ebay, and the right from the brand Hellbunny. 

Now, if you're going to be wearing lolita everyday, you'll want to invest in a very good petticoat, as cheap ones like my ebay one can "Deflate" over time and become less poofy. Some constantly reccomended brands by the community for getting petticoats for daily wear are Classical Puppets or Me Likes Tea.  But if you're like me and wear Lolita more casually, you won't really wear a big petticoat everyday. I find that the smaller chiffon one serves me fine during casual days, and the big poofy tulle one is best for conventions/events.

Now I'll be showing you two basic outfits that you can put together:

#1- Blouse/cutsew and Skirt!
This first outfit is very simple and basic. 

The main pieces are my "blouse" (which is actually a cutsew) from Baby The Stars Shine Bright, a major lolita brand, and my skirt, from Bodyline.  

So, what's the difference between a blouse and cutsew? A cutsew is usually more casual, kind of the lolita equivalent of a t-shirt. A blouse is more formal.

The other "basic" lolita element in my outfit is my UTK (under the knee) socks. You can wear UTK's, OTK's (over the knee) or knee socks. Some people will say you can't wear UTK's, but for us taller lolitas, not many socks are OTK's for us. Also plenty of people wear UTK's and UTK's were much more popular in old school lolita, so....yep!

Another element to my outfit is my rectangle headdress. These were incredibly popular in old school, not so much now though. I made this one myself!

The next outfit is the same cutsew underneath of my BTSSB  (Baby the Stars Shine Bright) JSK (Jumperskirt):
This outfit includes a JSK (Jumperskirt). A jumperskirt is a lolita dress without sleeves, usually meant to be worn over a blouse or cutsew. 

Another piece to this outfit that was in last outfit but I didn't mention are my wristcuffs, which are essentially just lace bracelets. I got some good advice to wear something on my wrists when wearing short sleeved coordinates, so that my outfit looks more complete. I like how the wristcuffs look too.

So the main takeaways from this fashion lesson should be:

Skirt + blouse/cutsew + knee socks + headwear+ shoes + wristwear = Good!
JSK + blouse/cutsew + headwear +shoes +socks + wristwear = Good!

Basically, just make sure you have some form of blouse and knee socks with your main piece, unless your main piece is an OP (One piece) which is just a fancy name for a Lolita dress with sleeves.

Oh, and a full outfit usually has some form of headwear and wrist wear!

Thanks for reading today's post and bearing with me as I went rouge. I love you all, remember to love yourself, and I'll see you in my next post on Monday!

Until then, lovelies!
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