Stop Saying "Sorry" and Start Saying "Thank You" – Royals Lesson

Ciao Royals! Today’s post was inspired by a vlog I saw on the Barbie channel- now, before you think that’s ridiculous, just give me a moment to explain.

For one, you should check out Barbie’s vlog series if you haven’t. The series has some great messages and themes for everyone, regardless of age.

For two, today’s post was inspired by a vlog by Barbie that’s gaining a TON of traction, and that is the “Sorry Reflex” vlog. If you haven’t seen it, I’ll include it below, please take the few moments to watch it before proceeding:

In the vlog, Barbie makes some comments regarding “sorry”- specifically regarding women and our seeming overuse of the word “sorry.” She comments on how it seems like a reflex, that women seem to apologize just for existing most of the time. Some examples she cites are “when we bump into someone we say , ‘sorry’, when we go to a restaurant, and the food’s cold, we say ‘sorry, but could you heat this up for me?’ and so on.”

And you know what? I watched this vlog and I began to notice all the ridiculous things in my life that I apologize for. I apologize when I ask for help with something I don’t understand, I apologize when I feel like I’m “being a burden.” I apologize when I express myself. I apologize for being too excited, I apologize for being too sad, I apologize for being angry, I apologize for telling others how I feel. I apologize for everything, it feels like I’m apologizing for existing.

I began to wonder, why do I constantly apologize for things that don’t warrant an apology? Why do I constantly feel like everything is my fault? Am I apologizing too much?

I could get into all the sociological reasons why women apologize so much, but I won’t here. What I want to talk about is how to stop this reflex, and how to mend your self-esteem while ending the “sorry reflex.”

Barbie also mentions in her vlog, that instead of “sorry” we can say “Thank you.” And I think that’s a very powerful thing.

Saying “Thank you” in lieu of “Sorry” can really help to mend your self esteem and spread positive vibes. Instead of saying “sorry for bothering you with my problems” say, “thank you for listening to me.” Instead of saying “sorry that I’m a burden/didn’t understand this thing,” say, “thank you for helping me.” Instead of “sorry, can you heat this up for me?” say “Can you heat this up for me? Thank you.”

It is truly empowering and freeing to let go of “sorry.” It’s liberating. Instead of feeling like a burden for existing, I feel like I can properly express my gratitude to those around me for all that they do for me. I feel as though I am showing my true feelings, not exposing my vulnerabilities.

So, Royals, I want you to try this. Stop saying “sorry” for every little thing and try replacing it with “Thank you.” Note how you feel afterwards. At first it may seem uncomfortable, because you’re so used to “Sorry.” But after a while, it’s liberating. I encourage you all to try this exercise.

Oh, and one last thing, don’t discount the lesson just because it was discovered from Barbie. You can find true gems of inspiration in the most unlikely of places.

Thank you so much for reading. I love you all very much, remember to love yourself too!

See you in Friday’s post!
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