Shopping for Kawaii Finds in "Normie" Stores Part 2 - Kawaii Fridays!

Ciao lovelies! Today’s Kawaii Friday post is about finding kawaii things in normal shops! Buying kawaii things can be totally expensive, so finding items in normal stores can really take down the cost!

For today's post, I went to Target, Walmart, and to find cute things for you all!

This is not a haul post, I didn't buy anything! (But I may be buying something from this post and doing a review soon!)

First up, Target!
 -First we saw this adorable fox keychain! For the LIFE of me I cannot remember what this was called, I am so so sorry. But I think this little guy would be a cute addition to a purse or backpack!

-Next I saw this Shopkins Lil Secrets Locket. I thought it was SO adorable. They also had a little peach one that I want very badly. If I end up getting one I will have to struggle to decide between this one or the peach one...I will probably go with the one shown because it reminds me of Sailor Moon. Anyway this locket is $4 and has a mini playset inside! It's basically a Polly Pocket.

-Up next is this ADORABLE NumNoms Snackables Silly Shakes item. I have seen some reviews of this item and it seems each layer is different types of slime! That you can find NumNoms in!! So cute!!! Plus the slime containers come out of the main container so you could totally store cute stuff in the main cup container, like cute jewelry!

-Lastly for Target are these so kawaii fox socks! These were only $1.50 and I seriously debated getting them but I decided I needed to save my money. But they are so cute!!!

Now, for Walmart:
-First up I saw these super cute things called Glitzy Clips, which I think would look so cute on a purse or backpack. I was immediately drawn to this little cat with a crown!!

-I also saw the large version of Shopkins Lil Secrets, the big playsets were $10 at Walmart, though I didn't find the small lockets...

-Lastly for Walmart I saw these new Smooshy Mushy Baby bottles. They look super cute and apparently include a large and mini squishy inside! But this was $14 which I thought was a little ridiculous... 

Lastly, I went on to find some Kawaii Items!
-First up they had a two pack of these cute cat ear headbands! They're on sale currently for only $4!

-Next I found this super cute pair of overall shorts! I love the pink color! These overalls are $18.

-Next up I found this super adorable Angel Wings design backpack! It's $11 currently and though it seems a little small, I think it'd work great as a purse!

-Lastly I found this 4 pack of lace ruffle ankle socks for $9. This set comes with pink, white, beige, and black. I think these would be so cute with a pair of Mary jane heels!

Thank you for reading! Just a disclaimer, none of this is sponsored and I am not currently an affiliate with Shein (though I have applied to be one so that may change soon!) or any of the other stores mentioned.

Remember to love yourself, and I'll see you in my next post!

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