How to Prep for a Fancy Event! – Royals Lesson

Ciao Royals! Today’s lesson is about how to prepare for a super fancy event like a dance (sometimes called a Ball), or other highly fancy events.

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Okay, back to the post at hand! How do we prepare for a super duper fancy event? Well I’ve got some tips to make everything so much easier!

Tip #1- Have your outfit picked out way in advance. If you have an event that’s 3 weeks away, prepare your outfit now. If you have an event that’s a month and half away, prep your outfit now. Point is, prep your outfit as early as possible. Now, not every modern day royal has a personal stylist or anything, but putting together a fancy outfit for an event is not too bad if you know the basics….


-Business Casual Attire: this means to have a polished look that is not fully formal, but looks nice. So you could wear like slacks and blouse or a dress or a skirt and blouse, for women, and for men, khackis and a polo, or dress pants and a polo. You could even wear dress pants and a button up shirt with a tie, if you felt like it. 

-“Cocktail party” attire: This for women usually means a short (knee length) dress. You can add lots of bling and such, that’s appropriate here as well. For men this means a suit but not a tux, potentially a pocket square and of course a tie. 

- “Black or White Tie” Attire: The most formal of invitations. Women can wear long floor length dresses and for men, a tux is most appropriate.

(In the future I will do an entire post about dress codes, as well as one on seasonal attire and what colors should you choose for yourself, maybe I should just do a overall “fancy attire how to” post….still working out the details!)

Tip #2- If you’re buying new shoes for the event, go shoe shopping at the end of the day. Why? Because you’ve likely been on your feet more than if you went in the morning, so your feet will be more accurate to size for one as well as you will be able to test comfort of shoes. 

OH AND: Get your new shoes for the event at LEAST a week before the event and break them in a little bit each day. Never wear brand new shoes to an event, that will spell disaster for your feet.

Tip #3- Manners make a great first impression. Remember to find and thank your hosts for inviting you (as well as congratulate them if it’s a wedding or other such happy occasion). When talking to others, be sure and be gracious and be genuinely interested in what they have to say to you. Leave nothing but happiness and smiles in your wake.

Tip #4- If you’re nervous about dancing, ask for lessons or pointers before the event. The likelihood is that you will be expected to dance, not outwardly told to, but socially expected, and therefore if you want to avoid some of the anxiety, if you know someone who can formally dance, ask them to teach you! If not, some YouTube tutorials may help.

Tip #5- Make sure to eat a small snack before the event. Excitement, nerves, and energy may tell you that you aren’t hungry, but if you work yourself up and don’t eat, you mind find yourself passing out. Always eat something light before a big event, even if there will be food there.

I hope you royals found use in my tips for this lesson.

Remember to stay lovely and amazing, and I’ll see you on Friday!

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