How to Communicate Using Flowers and Folding Fans – Royals Lesson!

Ciao Royals! Today’s lesson is historical in nature, as we will be talking about secret codes used through history, specifically secret codes used with folding fans and flower meanings.

Throughout history, women have had languages all our own. While now, we subconsciously communicate through clothing and makeup choices as well as body language, and slang, in older times women would secretly communicate through codes make up with folding fans, sometimes even communicating with suitors. Women could communicate with each other also using flower arrangements.

This isn’t to say that men couldn’t do these things too, after all, many men knew the fan codes to understand their partner, and men knew flower meanings just as well. After all, if you sent the wrong flower back in the day, it could mean the end of social connections, which were valued quite highly.

So what were some of these codes? And why do they matter to modern day royals, such as yourselves?

Flower Codes:
Infographic was created using Canva and is free to use. 

So why would you ever need flower codes in real life? Say you want to send a specific message with flowers, or maybe you want to make sure you get the right flowers for a special occasion. Just whatever you do, never give your crush a striped carnation! That means that you’re rejecting them.

So what about fan codes?

Back in the day, women used to carry folding fans in order to cool off, but also to communicate. Some common meanings were:

If you were single, hold the fan open, covering your mouth.

If you were fanning yourself quickly, it meant you were taken.

Resting your closed fan on certain sides of your face also had meaning, if you rest your closed fan on your left cheek,  it means no, if you rest your fan on your right cheek, it means yes. 

If you twirl your fan in your right hand, it means you are uninterested.

As you can see, these fan codes were mostly used to communicate with potential suitors. Now, since nobody really carries folding fans this practice has died out, but if you ever use a folding fan in the future, now you know how to communicate with it!

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