Easy Royal Style Daily (Feminine Leaning) – Royal Lessons!

Ciao royals! Today’s lesson is for the royals who want to include some royal elements into their daily fashion style! Some of these suggestions are a little “feminine” but I believe anyone can wear them if they wanted to.

This lesson harkens back to the old blog I had where I did “Princess Lessons” much like these royals lessons, except more RP/LARP in nature. So today’s lesson is for those of you that like to interpret the royal lifestyle in a more whimsical, role-playing kind of way.

So, full on Royal fashions aren’t entirely practical to wear everyday. Some still wear royal inspired fashions like Japanese Lolita Fashion, or Hime-Gyaru, and I admire those who can wear it everyday, without fear of judgement or without dying of heatstroke in the summer or freezing to death in the winter. Even I, a lover of fashions like these, and someone who enjoys wearing these fashions, can’t wear these fashions every day. Sometimes it is just impractical, or maybe I’m going to work, or maybe it’s just too hot/too cold. So how can we who love to dress the part of a royal still include royal aspects to our fashion sense even when we aren’t completely dressed up?

Here are some ways to include touches of royal fashion sensibilities into your daily attire.

Hair accessories, I have found, are one of the easiest ways to add that little touch of royal / cute fashion into a casual outfit. 

-Hair clips are always a nice touch. If cuter styles suit your tastes, you can find packs of cute hairclips at stores like Claires, or even online for relatively cheaply (on places like AliExpress).  If elegant style is more your taste, you could even make your own hairclips using inexpensive fake flowers and lace. That isn’t to say that elegant hair clips can’t be found, of course, you may just have to search a little harder for a truly elegant hair clip. And of course, if you want a subtle nod to your royal fashion inspiration, you can always get hair clips shaped like mini-crowns!

-“Jeweled” (with Rhinestones) headbands can be a nice touch to any outfit as well, they are quite nice looking if you match the colors of the rhinestones to your outfit’s colors. You can even find jeweled cat ear headbands if you want to be extra kawaii-inspired. 

-Scrunchies with cute patterns, or cute fabric, can be found pretty much everywhere now, as they are making a comeback. Scrunchies are a great way to look and feel cute when you need your hair up and out of your face, like when you are playing sports, or working. 

-Ribbons are also a great option. You can opt to simply tie them around a hair tie for a little bow in your hair, or you can go all out like this example:

Hairstyles are also another way you could add royal style to your daily life. A cute hairstyle can add such dimension to a normal outfit.

The jewelry that you choose can also add royal themes to your outfits.

-I personally love cameo brooches, I don’t wear mine all the time (because I got mine from antique stores and they are my prized possessions), but I like to wear them to add touches of antique and royal style to my outfits sometimes. 

-Earrings can also add a touch of elegance to your outfit. I like the simple elegance of basic pearl earrings, or even small gemstones. And of course you could also draw attention to your jewelry by wearing statement earrings as well. 

-A statement pendant necklace is also super cute, I used to love wearing pocket watch necklaces, which I think add a touch of elegance to any outfit.

You can also make quick and easy mods to your normal clothing, we have a few tutorials on this, including:

Plus a lot of DIY jewelry and such, just check our “DIY” tag.

Remember, you can still be royal in whatever you want to wear. What matters in being a Royal is how you feel, and how you act. The idea of being Royal doesn’t have to be one of LARPing or feeling better than others, but rather is about how you treat other people and live your best life!

Thanks for reading. See you on Friday!

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