BURNOUT – Let’s Talk, Honestly. REAL TALK.

Ciao lovelies, today I want to talk about something serious that happens to content creators and to myself recently- Burnout. And, don’t worry, I’m not quitting or cutting back on OFT content, I will discuss this later in this post.

Burnout is the phenomena experienced by content creators of all types in which they overwork themselves, usually by using too much creativity too often, or sometimes by just simple overwork, and become “burnt out”. When “Burnt out,” they don’t want to keep creating, or need to take a break, or cut back on the creative work, or even just rethink how they’re doing things.

Creators can experience burnout for a number of reasons. One is that they simply are forced to be more and more and more creative/innovative too often and start to hit a wall. Another is that maybe the content they are producing has lost sight of their original creative vision. And another is that the feedback they are getting from their hard work is disappointing.

Now, let’s get some things straight about today’s culture and content creators. We live in the world of social media, YouTube and tons of platforms for people to release their creative content on and get feedback and gratification. Sometimes people even make this their job. Others aspire to have this same job and work hard every day for it. Many don’t make it to the same levels, many don’t end up making content creation their job. To be honest, “making it” on these platforms is much more difficult than it used to be. But that’s not the point of this article (I will write another article on that later.) I tell you this just to establish to you the fierce competition in this world, the millions of people looking to “make it” and thousands burning out each day.

In this world, you must constantly release new content. You must be ahead of the curve. You must also adhere to trends and stay out of narrow niches. Content creators walk a thin line. If they fall off the line, they risk falling back into obscurity and having to climb and claw their way back up all over again.

This culture of fierce competition and constant pressure to release content constantly is the biggest contributor to the influx of creators burning out daily. It can be hard to just be yourself and be creative and let your creativity out when you have this constant pressure on you to release more and more content that follows trends that you may have no interest in.


While burnout is a very scary thought to content creators, I feel that it can both be prevented and remedied if it does happen.

For preventing burnout, OFT has done a post in the past on 3 Ways to Avoid Burnout. But I’d like to add to it today.

Preventing burnout is complicated, for one it’s hard to avoid burnout when you live in this insane content-driven culture.

If your burnout is often heavily caused by the pressure to conform and abandon your original creative vision; don’t! What I mean is, don’t abandon your original creative vision! Don’t give in to the pressure to conform. I have recently felt pressure to turn OFT into a niched blog when the whole point of OFT is to be non-niche! I was tempted to destroy my original creative vision because I wasn’t happy with the feedback I was getting. But then I realized that abandoning my original vision wouldn’t be true to what I wanted and I’d never be happy with it. You don’t have to conform to make it in this world.

If your burnout is often caused by feelings that your current content doesn’t match your original vision, change it! It may seem scary and you may lose some following, but I promise some will stay. The ones who truly like you and your real creative vision will stay and cheer you on!

Burnout can be a scary reality for many content creators, and while our content-driven society can be blamed, burnout can still be prevented.

Thank you for reading, stay awesome, and I’ll see you on Wednesday!

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