Long Trip? Let's Make It Better! Prepping For Travel Like a Boss!

Ciao lovelies! Today’s post is about how to make a long trip much more fun by prepping for travel like a boss!

So I have a really long trip coming up, where I’m going to go see my grandmother and other extended family! And I’m super excited and can’t wait to go! But there’s just one thing bothering me- the car ride there is eight hours long. So naturally, I’m worried about getting bored on the car ride! How can I make this trip more bearable?

If you have a long trip coming up like me, here are some tips on how to prep for your trip like a boss, and how to make that long trip not so difficult.

#1- Make a totally amazing playlist. Of course, I recommend adding all of Panic! At The Disco’s newest album to that playlist! But anyway, having a great playlist will make traveling for a long time so much more fun and less boring! You can stare out the window dramatically and listen to music like you’re in a movie! Or you can do like me and imagine music videos to the music! There are many possibilities!

#2- If you can, try to bring a book and read! I personally can’t read in moving vehicles or I get sick, but if you can, you totally should! Books can take us to far away places and make time pass much more quickly. If you’re reading, you can’t focus on how bored you are! I recommend the Monster High series by Lisi Harrison, if you’re into fiction, or The Ancient Magus Bride, if you like manga.  

#3- Snacks! Make sure you have some snacks to nibble on when you’re in the car! You don’t want to make too many stops since that’ll only make your trip longer. So get some snacks ready beforehand!

#4- Practice a practical skill. Yes, you can bring a spool of thread, needle, and felt in the car and practice sewing, or bring your knitting/crocheting. It can be a great way to keep busy! I don’t know about on an airplane though, so be wary!

#5- Talk! If you’re traveling with people you know, like your family/friends, make some friendly conversation!

#6- Think of all the fun you’re going to have when you get there. One way to keep positive during a long trip is to remind yourself how much fun it’ll be when you arrive! Plan out in your head what you may want to do or discuss with your family what you all have planned!

I hope you all have fun on any trips you might be going on! I know I will!

Thanks for reading!

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