DIY Kawaii School Supplies - 3 DIY Tutorials - Kawaii Fridays!

Ciao lovelies, today I have three quick, easy, and kawaii tutorials for you on how to make kawaii school supplies.

What you'll need to make these DIY's:
-Notebook (I got mine for 25 cents at walmart)
-an old Squishy
-a USB drive
-An old binder divider

For the first DIY, we will be making a Squishy USB!
Start with an old squishy, and cut out a space big enough for your USB. Then, you can glue in your USB, or if you did it like I did, I just cut the space to be only JUST big enough for the USB so the USB would fit snugly in the Squishy, so no glue required and I can remove the USB if I ever want. 

If you wish to buy a new squishy for this DIY, I recommend checking out Michael's kid's section for a cheap squishy, I got this roll cake for $3. 

This next DIY is a little more complicated but still pretty easy. We will be making a completely custom Notebook!

To start, cut a piece of heavier paper (I'm using sketchbook paper) to fit your notebook cover.

Next, draw whatever you want in the center. I have a little tutorial below on how to draw a kawaii face:

Lastly, add stickers, and maybe write your name, and you're done.
This DIY is extremely easy but it allows you to have a completely custom notebook that is unlike anyone else's! When you're done also, for extra strength, you can modpodge the cover to secure everything in place. 

The last DIY I have for you today is somewhat confusing, so I will try to explain everything as well as I can. We will be turning an old divider into a mini-folder!
First, cut the tab and holes off an old divider. Next, fold up the bottom to form the pockets of the folder. Glue down the sides but leave the top of the pocket open. Then, Fold the mini-folder in half. Lastly, decorate with stickers, and maybe fill it with little positive notes, and you're done!

Thanks for reading today, I hope you all liked these DIY's!

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Stay amazing, remember to love yourself, and I'll see you in our next post!


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