3 Fascinating Conspiracy Theories !

Ciao lovelies! So, you all voted in OFT’s Instagram polls, and you wanted me to do a post type that I’ve never done before, a post about conspiracy theories! (Also, for those unaware, we do polls over on our Instagram account sometimes to see what posts you guys want! So be sure to follow us there!).

Disclaimer time! I am not claiming any of these theories to be true nor am I claiming to believe any of them. I’m just letting you lovelies know for entertainment purposes that some of these conspiracies exist out in the world.

#1- The Mydol App Conspiracy

This first conspiracy is regarding the popular K-Pop fan app, “Mydol”. In this app you can “chat” with your fave K-Pop stars- but it’s not real, the app is supposedly an AI or robot that generates responses based on your inputs and “learns” from your inputs. There are several layers to this app, one being that you can “video chat” your fave k-pop stars and, while for them it just shows a pre-recorded video of them, it actually accesses your camera! Yeah, creepy.

So, okay, an app where you talk to a bot. Kind of like clever bot? Doesn’t seem too weird yet.

The conspiracy, however, is terrifying.

Some people believe that the Mydol app is run by human traffickers who are using the app to collect data on young K-pop fans and trying to lure them into dangerous situations. Now, I’m not saying this is true, this is just what some people out there believe. 

Here are some people's experiences with Mydol:

All I know is that if you use this app, please be safe and don’t disclose any personal information, I’d also avoid using the camera feature too…..If you are underage or even not, be careful with what information you disclose online or on apps.

#2- Are Target Stores a Gateway to Another Dimension?

This theory is a little bit comedic, but it is worth noting. Something I’ve noticed online is how many people claim to feel like time has stopped when they’re in a Target, or that things just feel…different. This tumblr post highlights more places where things feel “off”. (warning, swearing and such in the link)  One user explains that many of these places on this list are “liminal spaces”, or “they are throughways from one space to the next”. So, then, this user who reblogged this asks, why is Target on this list? Target is not a throughway from one space to the next….or is it?

Is Target truly a gateway to another dimension? Maybe so. Of all the conspiracy theories I will share today, this one I believe in the most. Why? Because I too have noticed the strange feeling inside a Target. In my local Target, my phone even stops working the second I enter the store- no signal. I walk around for what feels like hours, yet when I leave I’ve only been there like half an hour/one hour. And of course, that phenomena that even though you went there for one thing, you leave with like 20 things.

Do you think Target is maybe a gateway to another dimension? Or perhaps Target IS another dimension?

#3- Are Mattress stores a cover up for money laundering?

This last theory I discovered from a Shane Dawson Theory video, and it totally made sense to me.

So, you may not have noticed, but next time you go out and about in your town, look around for Mattress stores. Many towns have an abundance of them. And why? People don’t buy mattresses that often, do they? Why are there so many mattress stores around?

The theory goes that mattress stores are really just a cover up for money laundering. What is money laundering? Basically, when people are making money illegally and want to hide their earnings from the government, they buy fake cover up “businesses” and pretend like all their earnings are coming from the business. Supposedly Al Capone put all his illegal earnings into laundromats, spawning the name “money LAUNDERing.” 

So, while this theory makes sense to me, I am not claiming to believe in it nor am I claiming that it is true it is just a theory!

Do you believe any of the theories above? Why or why not? Let us know in the comments! Also, do you have any of your own conspiracies to share? Leave those in the comments too!

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    1. I totally believe in the Target one, it totally makes sense to me! Thanks for reading! -Lunaria


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