Trying New Things- Royals Lesson!

Ciao Royals! Today’s lesson is about trying new things. If you’re like me, you kind of dread trying new things because it can be scary, and of course it’s unknown. So today, we’re going to talk about how to get through this fear so that we can try new things more often!

This post was inspired by me trying to re-learn how to drive. I haven’t driven since I got my license, like a few years ago. And one of my goals for the summer is re-learning how to drive so I can get a local job and be more independent. So recently I’ve been working on my driving. And the experience has been scary, not because I can’t drive, but because it’s all new and unknown. (relatively.) So I decided I needed to make a plan to calm myself down about this whole thing and encourage myself to try new things! And I decided to make a Royals Lesson out of it!

So here is my plan to help eliminate my fears and encourage myself to keep trying new things! This plan can be applied to any new thing you may want to try!



It is not childish or stupid to ask for help/companionship with new things. Sometimes asking someone else who’s done this before can ease some of your fears. This can also work for other things you might be afraid of, like riding a roller coaster, you could ask a friend to ride the roller coaster with you!


A big step in overcoming your fear is to conquer the fear of the unknown, by eliminating some of it. In the case of driving, I did some research on common driving errors to avoid so I’d know what to expect.  In this way, I eliminated some of the unknown factors and made myself less scared to drive. Going back to the roller coaster example, you could look up videos of someone riding it online, or look up the specs, or ask someone who’s ridden it before what it’s like.


Sometimes you have to simply dive straight into something you’re afraid of in order to overcome your fear. I could read about cars all I wanted but in the end I just had to bite the bullet and start driving. Nobody can make you do this step except you, and sometimes you really need to take this step. You’ll never conquer your fear of that roller coaster if you don’t just ride it!

Thanks for reading! Let’s conquer our fears together!

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  1. I love this post! You'll be a great driver Lunaria. I know you will. Let God guide you.

    Love & Light,


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