StimTastic is Fantastic! Lunaria Reviews Stim Toys!

Ciao lovelies! Today I’m reviewing a stim toys shop, StimTastic, specifically their “Magical Pack”!

DISCLAIMER- Please note that everything in this post was purchased with my own money and is not sponsored in any way by StimTastic. All opinions are my own.


StimTastic is a stim toys shop “run by an autistic person” and 10% of their sales go back into the autistic community, “in the form of charitable donations and direct giving.” Even if you’re not autistic you’re welcome to shop from them as their website says “for autistic adults and teens as well as individuals with SPD, ADHD/ADD, dyspraxia . . . everyone who stims!” I love their mission to make stimming a celebrated and normalized part of life!


StimTastic’s website is easy to navigate. Every category can be easily found through the left sidebar. The design is very simple and modern and looks very polished. I was able to find and look through all of their stim items with extreme ease.
Overall, their website gets a 5/5 from me!


I ordered on Monday, Apri 30th their Magical Pack. It arrived to me on Thursday, May 3rd! Their shipping can be done via First Class mail for only $4, which is what I went with, or Priority Mail. (Both of these services are for USA and are done via USPS, I don’t know how fast/expensive international shipping would be).
Overall shipping costs and speed for USA get a 5/5 from me!


I find StimTastic’s pricing to be 100% fair and reasonable. I have seen some places selling similar products (though not the same) for far higher prices. My particular order was the “Magical Pack” which included a Unicorn Chewable, 3 bead chewing necklace, glitter wand, and Jacobs ladder toy all for $14, which is a great deal in my opinion. They also have value packs of chewing necklaces and other stim toy packs for great deals as well, or just the toys individually for relatively inexpensive prices.
Overall their pricing is 5/5 from me!


So as stated above, I got:

-The Unicorn Chewable: This item is great! This item is “Nontoxic, FDA-compliant food-grade silicone. BPA, PVC, lead, heavy metal, latex, and phthalate free.” It is made for light to moderate chewers. I have not damaged it in the least bit from all my chewing on it, and I have pretty sharp teeth. 5/5!

-The 3 Gem Bead Chewable Necklace: I also love this item very much! Like the unicorn chewable, this is also “Nontoxic, FDA-compliant food-grade silicone. BPA, PVC, lead, heavy metal, latex, and phthalate free.” These gems are pretty soft so they don’t hurt my mouth to chew on them for too long, and they hold up to my sharp teeth very well. I have yet to make any dents in them. 5/5!

-The Glitter Wand: This is so cute! Filled with pink and multicolored star glitter, this wand is great for a calm-down tool. Watching the glitter slowly move from one side of the wand to the other is very great for calming down after a panic attack. 5/5!

-The Jacob’s Ladder Toy: I had never actually seen or played with one of these before ordering it, and honestly it’s not the biggest stim for me. It has a nice clicking sound when stacked, but other than that it doesn’t seem too stim-y to me, HOWEVER: everyone stims differently and this may work as a stim for someone else. Personally it’s a 3/5 for me, but the item itself is great, and deserves a 5/5.


They sent me a cool blue “Keep Calm and Stim On” Bracelet as an extra! I love it so much! It’s a simple rubber bracelet. 5/5!


Here is an unboxing video from the day I got everything:


Overall I love this company and will be ordering from them again! Thanks for the awesomeness, StimTastic!


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  1. After reading this review, I'm definately gonna try Stimtastic! Thanks Luna!


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