Recent Gothic Lolita Photoshoot

Ciao lovelies! Today I have some pictures from a recent Gothic Lolita Fashion photoshoot I did after attending an art gallery opening for my friend! 

I am by no means a model, I just thought this would be a unique way to showcase a coordinate. And yes, I know that this coordinate breaks the "no knees" rule but I'm too tall for most lolita dresses and socks so this is just ya know, me. Anyway, let's get into the rundown and photos~

 Outfit Rundown:
-Headbow: Handmade
-Blouse: Thrifted
-JSK: Bodyline
-Socks: Target
-Shoes: Unsure
-Pendant and pearls: Vintage
 Totally breaking the no knees rule in this shot, but I think it's still a nice shot.
 Cute shot of my shoes. I can't really find any real "lolita" shoes that fit my massive feet, but you know what, fashion is about fun and experimentation and so it shall be.
 I had to crop my cellphone tripod's shadow out of this shot, and it's a little overexposed, but I like it.
 This was a cool unintentional shot. I didn't mean for the sun to come through the trees like that, but it ended up looking awesome, so I'm not complaining.
Lastly, I like this shot because the sky behind me looks like a painting. It looks so cool!

I also took some experimental photos today, having been inspired by my friend Talula's photography:

 I love this shot so much! The little blossoms are very pretty.
 I wanted to experiment with framing so I took this shot through a statue on my campus.
 This shot was another one with me experimenting with focus/framing. I'm still trying to improve my photography, so any tips you have are welcome!!

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  1. Try to put more focus into the object you want to capture. With my Samsung S7, I tap the screen a few times to get the object more into focus.


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