Easy DIY- How to Make Basic Elastic Sock Garters

Ciao lovelies! Today, I have a kawaii and functional, as well as super easy, DIY for you all today! 

This DIY took me 5 minutes and requires basic hand sewing skills. 

You will need:
Scissors, bows (I got mine in a two pack at Walmart for $1), basic sewing supplies including a needle and thread, and elastic ribbon. You will want to have some basic sewing knowledge, at the very least how to do a straight/running stitch by hand. 

Measure the elastic ribbon to your leg and cut about 1/2 inch more. Make a loop with the elastic ribbon and stitch it closed using a running/straight stitch. Sew one of the bows on over the closing stitch. Slide it on to see if it fits. 

This type of garter holds your socks up via the tightness of the elastic. If you want a more secure garter, shorten the elastic by 1/2 inch before stitching the loop.

These are super simple to make, you can make a bunch in a short time period. I made two in 10 minutes, no problems.

All the materials were inexpensive as well.

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