The Basics Of A Good Speech – Royals Lesson!

Ciao Royals! Today we’re going to talk about giving speeches! As a Royal, and in regular life too, speeches are necessary. Whether you’re pitching an idea to your boss, or giving a presentation to a class, it is good to learn how to craft a good speech.

In other words, good speech writing is critical to being a royal or any sort of public figure. A good speech can boost morale, give hope, inspire, rally, and anything else you can imagine. Any truly great public figure first had to master the art of giving a good speech.

While no real formula can be given to a truly great speech, there are some constants it should have.

1.Emotional Appeal
The Pathos side of the literary triangle. Appealing to an audience’s emotions can and will do wonders. Marketing campaigns have been doing it for years.
For example, if you are giving a speech on raising more funds for war efforts, you would appeal to pathos by reminding your audience how the soldiers are out risking their lives to protect them.

2. A Sense of Duty
Another important aspect of a good speech is to fill your audience with a sense of responsibility. Whether it be responsibility to recycle, to donate to a cause, or to give service. For example, in a speech about pollution and human impact on our oceans, you would want to fill your audience with a sense of responsibility to not litter.

3. Body Language
During a speech, especially one with an audience that can see you, the audience will not only focus on your words, tone, etc, but also on your actions.
-          Don’t cross your arms! This makes you appear like you are closed off and unwelcoming, as well as unwilling to be there.
-          Use gestures wisely.
-          TIP- in an intense speech, don’t bang your fist on the podium, it can look insincere.

4. Sincerity
No matter how impressive your tone, nor how perfect your body language may be, if you lack sincerity your audience can see it. A lack of sincerity will kill a good speech.

Thanks for reading! I hope your next speech goes well!

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