500th Post Q+A

Ciao lovelies! So today is our 500th post!! So we are doing a Q+A!!!!!!!

Today’s Q+A questions come from Facebook and email, and Lunaria is answering them.


Q- What is your must-read fanfiction or book at the moment?

A-      Hmmmm….. I totally wanna say my own ongoing book Full Moon Clan, LOL shameless self promo is shameless. But truly my fave book currently is The Legend of Shadow High, this book is a crossover between Ever After High and Monster High, it’s relatively new. I don’t have a pic of my copy right now but I bought mine at Books a Million for like $15. I really like this book. I’ve read it about 2 times already.
Q- Would you ever do a P.O. Box?

A-      I’m not really sure…. They can get pretty expensive and I don’t really have any revenue coming from any of this. Like we have maybe one sticker sale every few months. And Like 2 cents on adsense, lol. Maybe one day if we get patrons or adsense works better or something, if the blog can fund it I might.

Q- Would you ever do a live Youtube Video?

A-      I would do like a YouNow stream possibly, or Instagram Live maybe. I don’t know about Youtube live because I heard from my friend Fury (@thisismissdark on Instagram) that it’s hard to set up. But I will try to do a livestream somewhere in the future.. Is there a time of day /day of the week that works best for everyone?

Q- Who is your fave Doki Doki Literature Club girl?

A-      Honestly? Totally Monika. Like, I know so many people hate her for what she did and I get that, but I really like her. She’s a super interesting character, and I can’t say much more without spoilers but basically in my opinion Monika didn’t mean to do any of it. 


Q- Will you do more vlogs?

A-      Yes absolutely! I plan on doing tons more vlogs! 

Q- What’s your fave anime?

A-      My all time favourite anime is Is The Order a Rabbit?, though recently I’ve found myself liking Himouto! Umaru Chan too….

Thanks for all the questions ! And Happy 500th post to everyone in the OFT family, and that includes you all, dearest OFT readers!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you all so much! I think I will do a giveaway soon (once the contest is over)

That being said please enter the contest! It is totally ok to use programs like Canva to easily make an entry so long as you use non copyrighted images! Don't miss your chance to win a kawaii care package, kpop plushie, and oft stickers! Also you can enter multiple times too!

Happy 500th!