3 Ways to Prevent or Ease Out of a Panic Attack - REAL TALK

Ciao lovelies! Today’s post is mental health centered- 3 Ways to prevent/ease out of a panic attack.

DISCLAIMER- I am not a mental health professional. These tips come from my own personal experiences with anxiety and panic attacks. If you have frequent panic/anxiety attacks, please seek help from a mental health professional.

That being said, let’s get into the tips.

#1- Stimming!
I find stim items to be especially helpful in avoiding/getting out of a panic attack. If I can distract myself with a stim item, I can sometimes stop from panicking altogether. Some of my favorite stimming items for this purpose are:

-          Slime. I find that watching the slime slowly moving around in my hand or stretching the slime is relaxing. Plus the coldness of the slime on my hands helps perk me up and out of bad head spaces.

-          Squishies. Sometimes you just really need to squeeze something to stabilize yourself or just to get out anger or anxiety. Squishes are great for that, plus they’re trendy right now so you can find them just about everywhere.

-          Chewing Necklace/jewelry. I used to bite my nails a lot when I was stressed out, but that’s not good for your health or nails. Plus I used to bite down to the painful nerves when I was having panic attacks, which led to pain and discomfort. Chewing jewelry is more accessible now than ever before, and is great for stopping self-harm and nail biting due to anxiety. You can find chewable jewelry here, https://www.stimtastic.co/stim-jewelry/?category=Chewy+Jewelry
For those unaware of what stimming is, please check THIS post. For more about my fave stim items, check THIS post.

#2- Grounding Exercises
When I have panic attacks, sometimes my main problem is my brain just stops being aware of where and when it is. One of the main ways to fix this is by using simple grounding techniques. Grounding is when you realign your brain back to reality. Some good grounding exercises are:

-          Have someone remind you (or remind yourself, if you’re able) WHERE you are, what year is it (WHEN), and WHO you are.

-          Pick something around you and describe it. Describe how it looks, smells, feels, and, if it’s safe, like food, how it tastes.

-          Run your hands under cold water to snap yourself back to reality.

#3- Distraction
The last way that I keep myself from having a panic attack is to distract myself. Often it’s with stim toys, as mentioned before, but sometimes I simply watch videos on youtube that are calming and gentle.
Some good YouTube Channels for distracting from a panic attack are:

Thanks for reading! I hope these tips can help someone, even just one person.

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