Royally Fun Springtime Ideas and Tips– Royals Lesson!

Ciao Royals! Today’s post is all about springtime! I’ve got some royally awesome ideas and tips all about spring!

Spring is a very important time for Royals as spring can signify new beginnings. And as the weather warms, it’s the perfect time for royal activities outside and fun with friends!


-How about going on a royal picnic excursion? Either by yourself or with friends. You can even look in local thrift shops for a proper picnic basket! Some fun activities to do on a picnic are play charades, read a book, do a photoshoot, pick flowers, make flower crowns, do some knitting, embroidery, or crochet, tell stories, or just enjoy the sun and food! 

Some good picnic snacks are:
Cut fruit, small sandwiches, cut up vegetables, juice boxes/pouches (to avoid spills when carrying and to avoid bugs getting in your drinks), and even cookies!

-Another fun spring activity is photography. Whether you photograph dolls, people, nature, animals, abandoned places, etc, shooting outside is a great and fun activity as the weather warms! You don’t need a big fancy camera for this either! You can just use a smartphone camera or even a camcorder camera. 

-Another fun spring time idea to keep you nice and cool is to get a folding fan! Sometimes you can find these at the dollar store, but if you can’t, HERE is a link to a folding fan.

-Another fun springtime activity is to create flower arrangements! (I will be doing a whole post on flower meanings soon, so look for that!). If you can’t find flowers out in the wild, you can pick some up from a local florist, or you could use fake flowers!


-A tip for insect control in the spring- specifically keeping away mosquitos- is to make a home made bug spray. HERE is a link to some recipes. Home made bug spray is less toxic and harmful than store bought. 
-A tip for spring time fashion – LAYERS! Layers are always trendy and practical. You get too hot? Take off a layer. Too cold? Add one! Since spring time weather can be quite unpredictable, layering is the best way to go. 

-Quick tip for those sensitive to too much sun- get a parasol, specifically a UV protectant one. HERE is a link to one. I personally have a pink parasol (that I forgot to bring to college, but I’m bringing it back up after spring break), and it’s UV protectant and helps me not get too much sun. Some sun is a good thing (you need that vitamin D3 after all) but too much can exhaust you and make you feel faint.


So I’ve got TONS of fun Springtime DIYS for you guys! 
HERE is the link to a springtime flower garland DIY 

HERE is the link to a DIY recycled vase 

HERE is the link to another way to make a DIY recycled vase 

HERE is the link to a kid-friendly DIY dreamcatcher
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