Ballerina Ghouls Cleo De Nile Doll Review

Ciao lovelies! Today I've got a brand new fresh doll review for you all of a doll that only JUST came out!

 So recently I found Cleo De Nile Ballerina Ghouls for $16 at Target! I thought I'd review her because she is oh so beautiful. However I'm not ENTIRELY pleased with her....but you'll see why.

 The box art is a little weird looking (I don't like the illustrations for the reboots..). Cleo comes with:
- a headdress
-a twirling ribbon
-ballet shoes
-a dress
-arm cuffs
-a vest peice

 Some of the details of her are quite impressive. The little scarab beetle on her vest peice is nice. I like the print on her dress too. I also like how her ballet shoes have a brick pattern.
And now the real reason I bought this Cleo- HER FACE! Is so! Pretty! I love love this darker makeup look on Cleo. And I love the colors in her hair.

And now my dislikes;
- I don't like that the tights are painted on the legs.
-I dislike how the joints are permanent, you can't take off the arms to dress her easily

Overall, though, I love her! I give her a 4/5:

I think she's worth it to buy. What do you think?

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