Shibajuku Girls Yoko Doll Review

Ciao lovelies! Today, I'm reviewing a different kind of doll than usual. Instead of the usual Monster High review, I'm reviewing a Shibajuku Girls doll, this one's name is Yoko!

We found this doll at Walmart for $18.83! Her box art was actually so much nicer than the below picture shows. The lettering of "ShibaJuku Girls" is actually rainbow holographic in person.
 One of the most striking things about this doll are her big, very realistic and kawaii eyes. She has 3D eyelashes, resin-looking eyes, her irises are grey and look very realistic. She also has glitter eyeshadow and black eyeliner. She also has light pink blush and lipstick, and grey eyebrows.
Her hair is soft and synthetic, and is white with black streaks. She comes with 4 hair clips, a striped beanie, a pink long sleeve shirt, a striped overall dress, bat patterned black socks, and black shoes.
 About who's clothes she can fit, from the left-
She can fit a monster high skirt (but not their shirts or dresses), She can fit Sparkle Girls pants, Barbie clothes, and Sparkle Girls outfit sets. I haven't tried Barbie shoes with her but Monster High shoes are too big on her.
 Compared to a Monster High doll she is quite tall, standing at 33 cm or 13 inches. She is also fully articulated.
Welcome to our Doll family, Yoko!

Overall I love this doll, and everything about her. I love the clothes she comes with, her big, expressive eyes, her full articulation, and her goth-kawaii style. I love that she can fit Barbie fashion packs because now I have an excuse to buy more (and maybe review those too!)

Overall, I love her and recommend her highly!

What do you think of this doll? My roommate is quite freaked out by her proportions, lol!

Thanks for reading!

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