New Year, New You? - ROYALs Lessons!

Ciao royals! Today, let’s talk about to make the most of the new year as a ROYAL! 

Why does the new year matter to ROYAL life? The New Year is one of the most exciting times in a ROYAL’s life because the new year offers us a chance to set new goals for ourselves and have the chance to start fresh, as well as offering us a whole new year of experiences! 

How to make the most of starting fresh? A new year means a whole new set of possibilities, and                 so we should make the most of these by making ourselves resolutions to better ourselves.

What kind of resolutions should we make to better ourselves as ROYALs? Not only the usual resolutions will do for a ROYAL lifestyle. Royals seek to better themselves emotionally as well as physically, since living your best life goes beyond physical form. As ROYALs we should make ourselves resolutions like “This year I will seek to ____________” Filling in the blank could be anything like “become a better emotional rock to my friends” or “grow more compassionate” or “work on being more sympathetic”. The list is endless on emotional growth you could make this year! You can have multiple resolutions, so don’t neglect physical ones. Some good physical health resolutions are “drink more water” “eat more vegetables”, etc. 

How to follow your resolutions this year? One way to make yourself follow your new years resolutions is to make yourself accountable for them. Make your resolutions public if appropriate, or just tell close friends, but make sure to tell someone, that you know will ask about your resolutions. If you know someone knows your resolutions, you will be more likely to work on them. You will feel accountable.

I hope you all had a lovely New Years! What do you plan to work on this year? Any new goals?

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