Luxury on a Budget Part 1 (Room Décor) – ROYAL Lessons

Ciao Royals! Have you ever wondered how to add little bits of luxury into your life without spending a fortune? Or perhaps how to add sprinklings of Royal life to your life without spending like a real Royal? Well today’s post will highlight a few ways to add luxury to your life without breaking the bank, specifically with Room Décor!

Luxury can be defined in many ways, and for the sake of this post/mini series, we’re going to define it in more of the “fancy looking” aspect, rather than the “expensive stuff” aspect. You can find plenty of fancy looking stuff on a budget for your living space, and there are plenty of ways to make average things look luxurious. Let’s start with the bed/sleeping area.

When you think Luxurious bed, what do you think of? Most people would say things like “lots of pillows” or “fancy sheets” or “canopy” or even “nice bedside table with flowers and a tea tray”. How can we achieve a luxurious sleeping area on a budget?

Here are a few low cost ideas to spruce up a sleeping area:
-Buy some fabric and sew your own pillow cases. You can make satin pillowcases in this way, or even buy fabric with more “regal” themed patterns. HERE is an easy pillowcase tutorial I found.
-Buy some inexpensive fairy lights (Christmas lights), and string them up around your head area of the bed. You can secure them with Command hooks. You can find the battery operated ones at Dollar stores or you can get the ones that plug in for slightly more, but look for these after Christmas for the best deals.

-Search thrift stores for a serving tray (they’re usually silver or gold colored) and use it to hold your bed time essentials. Place it on your nightstand and put your hairbrush, any meds, glass of water, a book, or even flowers if you want to be fancy. And speaking of flowers….

-You can find an inexpensive vase at the dollar store, and fake flowers and aquarium stones. Create a fake flower floral arrangement and place it beside your bed. This will quickly create a luxurious illusion.

Now, moving on to a desk area.
A Royal desk should be a harmonious space perfect for sitting down and getting things done. Here are some tips to create a luxurious desk space:

-You can buy desk organizing supplies at the dollar store, and spray paint them whatever color you like. For a luxury look, I suggest spray painting them gold.
-To hold pens and pencils, try something non traditional like a thrifted wine glass or vase

-Hang up motivational signs and posters around your desk area to keep you happy and motivated

-Keep a photo storage box (because they’re pretty 😊 ) full of stress relievers somewhere on your desk!

-Maybe even find a small but nice looking statue at like a thrift store and display it on your desk for extra luxury.

And now, lastly, my favorite- the Royal vanity/dressing table. The place where a Royal starts their morning is most important (for reasons I’ll get into in a later post). So, what luxury but inexpensive things can we do to spruce up a vanity?
Some ideas:

-Lay a thrifted lace curtain over the vanity as a luxurious tablecloth

-Keep fake flowers corresponding to season on your vanity

-Buy a cheap makeup organizer from the dollar store and spray paint gold

-Keep a succulent or other small low maintenance plant on your vanity

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