Lots of Looks Frankie Stein Doll Review

Ciao lovelies! Today, I have a doll review for you! 

So the other day at Tuesday Morning I found both Dead Tired Frankie Stein (review HERE) and Lots of Looks Frankie Stein! Lots of Looks (LOL) Frankie was $8.
 I don't like her box art as much as I liked Dead Tired Frankie's box art. I think the new box art is creepy. 

This Frankie doll is really low quality. Her stitches aren't painted, neck bolts aren't painted, her arms aren't articulated and she doesn't even have knee joints! The two things I like about this doll are her hair is nice and soft and her makeup is cute. But overall I'm disappointed in the quality of the doll.


 The main selling point of this doll is all the clothing she comes with. She comes with:
-a fitted striped dress
-A sweatervest
-A collared shirt
-blue leggings
-A belt
-2 pairs of shoes
-a plaid bubble skirt
-a purse

I put together three outfits for Frankie:
I really like her style in this set.  I think the clothing is good quality, I like all the different patterns, designs, and details.


Overall, this doll is essentially just a big fashion pack. The included doll is even lower quality than some budget dolls I've seen. But I think her clothing is worth the purchase.


If I had to do it again, I'd buy her again just for the clothes, and at the very least I can use this doll for faceup practice. But I am highly disappointed at how lazy Mattel is getting.
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