Lovely Heart Maid Cafe Review!

 Ciao lovelies! Today I'm reviewing a local entertainment group- Lovely Heart Maid Cafe!

Lovely Heart Maid Cafe is a entertainment group that draws inspirations from the Maid Cafe's of Akihabara, Japan ! The Lovely Heart maids all live on Lovely Planet, and they come to Earth to spread love and happiness!

What is a maid cafe exactly? Well, from Lovely Heart's Facebook Page, "A maid cafe is a themed restaurant originating in Akihabara, Tokyo, Japan where servers dress as maids and treat guests as Masters or Princesses. Maids greet customers with "Welcome home, Master!" (we use Japanese to greet you) to create a warmer atmosphere. Many guests use maid cafes to de-stress after a long day and relax by playing games, watching performances, or even just talking about the hobbies they share with maids" 

Today (I'm writing this on Sunday 12/17/2017) I went to the Lovely Heart Maid Cafe's holiday event! I was greeted warmly when i walked through the door by all of the lovely and cute maids! Lead maid Chiyo assigned Maid Melody to us. 

I ate some Teriyaki chicken skewers, and played a few games with my Maid! Games were only $1 per person, and I played connect four, and hungry hippos, with both my Maid and a trainee maid, Maid Cocoa! I had a lot of fun playing the games! My maids even did a magical spell over my food to make it taste better for me!

After the skewers, I ate some sugar cookies! The maids decorated the cookies for me with frosting and sprinkles. They did another cute spell to make the cookies taste even better.

After the games, I bought a selfie with the maid (selfies were only $1 per picture!);

 Overall, the experience was really nice! Sometimes it's nice to go to a place where everyone fawns over you and is nice to you and friendly!

These maids have a special place in this blogger's heart! I love this cafe!


5/5 all the way! You should totally try to visit a Lovely Heart Maid Cafe event!

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