Latest Outfits (Finally, a fashion post!)

Ciao lovelies! Remember way back in December of last year when I made my New Year's Resolutions? Well, I said I was going to post more outfits, yet here we are in the end of the year, and I didn't really make good on that promise. So I'm trying again, and bringing you more outfit posts, starting today with 3 new looks!

Oh, and if you're wondering why my outfits are a little outlandish now, it's because I've fully embraced my life as a kawaii lifestyler! More info on this can be found in this video:

Anyway, so since I promised more outfits, here are three of my recent looks! (one is a Makeup of the day (MOTD) instead of an outfit). 

 This first look is a toned down outfit centered around a bones motif. 
Everything except socks and hair clips were thrifted.
I wore no makeup with this look, and even wore a petticoat underneath to give the skirt some needed poof.
I wore this outfit to a seminar with my mom.

 This next look needs some makeup for sure. My bare face doesn't match the dark and dramatic look I have going on here.
The jacket was thrifted, the dress is a Gothic Lolita JSK from Bodyline, the choker was a christmas present a few years back, and the hairpin is hand made.
This was my first attempt at Gothic Lolita ever! To learn more about this fashion style, CLICK HERE!

 This last look is a makeup of the day for when I went to a maid cafe.. Pics were taken using the app SNOW, so my face looks edited (lol)
Hair clips were hand made. The dress is from Bodyline, I altered it to remove the sleeves.

There, now I promise, I will keep to my New Years resolutions this year!!

Speaking of resolutions, I've got two posts upcoming concerning that!

Stay tuned!

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Thanks for reading. Stay awesome, and I’ll see you in our next post. 


  1. Wow girl, your fashion sense is amazing, so you made these outfits by yourself or bought them from somewhere. I loved all your looks.


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