Did I Achieve my New Years Resolutions from 2017?

Ciao lovelies! Today I'm going through the resolutions I made last year at New Year's and seeing if I achieved them!

If you don't remember, here were my goals for 2017:

So, did I achieve these?

WORK ON CAREER- Yes! I feel as though I definitely achieved this! Not only did I finally declare my major (Marketing and Communications), took my first Marketing class, got a real online marketing related job, got OFT its own URL, worked on OFT's Youtube Channel, had our first sponsored post, we have more requests for sponsored posts (which we are sifting through carefully), and more.....I definitely feel as though I've worked plenty on my career this year.

GO TO/PASS ALL CLASSES- I definitely passed all my classes! I did miss a few meetings due to illness, and an unforeseen family emergency, but I feel as though I achieved this goal!

UPDATE BLOG REGULARLY- Umm....Ok. I tried working on this over the summer, but once school came about and my depression took it's usual seasonal nosedive, I had some issues with this. I'm going to say no, I didn't achieve this. 

POST MORE OOTD'S- Ummm......also no. I completely forgot about this resolution, actually. So....yeah I sort of completely failed this. 

DRESS NICE EVERYDAY- Nope....not even close. I need to work on this a lot..When I get depressed I like to dress down, and I should be dressing up regardless to make myself feel better.

SPREAD POSITIVITY- I feel as though I've made my best attempts at this this year, and I feel as though I've done a better job with this year than any other. So, a big YES.

What will my resolutions be for this year? Stay tuned....

I'd love to see if you achieved your resolutions! Leave your comments below!

Thanks for reading today!

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