One Purse, 4 Outfits- Featuring UK Based Handbag Brand Anna Grace!

Ciao lovelies! Today we have a special post featuring a up and coming UK based handbag brand- Anna Grace.

I recently received one of their handbags and purse charms to review, but all opinions shared in this post about these items are 100% genuinely my opinions!

Anna Grace is a handbag brand that is sold by 3rd party retailers. They recently reached out to me to do a review of their products and I agreed because I love sharing good products with you lovelies, as well as doing review posts! 

They sent me the lovely shoulder-tote bag as seen above, as well as a white fluffy bag charm. 
Here are the details of the bag:
This bag is a structured tote. It's quite large, 31 cm high to be exact, and deep. The bag is a dark black with gold color accents. There is a zipper pouch on the back and inside. It has little gold color feet on the bottom to hold itself up as well. 

The charm is a little white puffball on a gold colored keychain. It is very cute and super trendy right now!

Overall I love both the bag and the keychain, so both get 5/5 from me!

Of course, I decided just reviewing this bag wasn't enough, so I put together 4 outfits, one for every season, to show how versatile this bag is!

For summer, I put together a girly yet professional kind of look, like someone who's enjoying themselves on a company trip. I used a dress from Charming Charlie (that I thrifted for $2.50, score!), a necklace from, believe it or not, Dollar Tree, sunglasses from Walmart and shoes were a gift. Looking tres chic doesn't need to be expensive, after all. Of course the lovely Anna Grace bag is the perfect accent and professional piece to this ensemble. 

For Fall, I put together a more bookish, cozy sort of look. I used a dress I also thrifted, brand unknown, and a sweater and scarf my bestie lent me for this post (she helped me with the outfits and photo taking! Thanks Nightsong!), and of course the lovely Anna Grace purse. I like how the orange and black look Halloweeny for fall.

For Winter, I put together a more tough look. And, amazingly, the purse even works with a tough look! I used a $1 tank top from Walmart under a denim Mudd jacket from Kohls, with a pair of black leggings. Simple, warm, a little tough, and plenty casual, this winter look is one I want to recreate over and over.

For Spring, I brought out some pastels, and floral accents! A simple thrifted sweater (See a pattern here? I just love thrifting!), black leggings, and a scarf borrowed from my bestie! Plus a super cute flower crown I bought from our school's LARP club group during a fair. The purse even works with a look like this! I love it!

What do you all think of this purse? I'd love to hear your thoughts! Have you ever heard of this brand before? What do you think of them?

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Thanks so much for reading. Stay awesome, and I’ll see you in our next post. 


  1. Where did you buy that cute bag? If it's from the UK.

    1. We received this purse as a sponsorship from the brand Anna Grace. You can find more Anna Grace purses here :


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