Adventures of the Ghoul Squad Review

Ciao ghouls and mansters! Today I have a review for you all - of the most recent Monster High programming- the new show- Adventures of the Ghoul Squad!

This show came out August 11th and since then most Friday’s we get a new episode!! So on to the review!


The whole premise of the show is that the ghouls use the monster mapalouge to find lost monsters and bring them to Monster High. So far we have brought back Abby Bominable, Operetta, Fangelica, Rochelle Goyle, Gil Webber, and Catty Nior. 

Sometimes the episodes don’t feature finding a monster but instead have a fun adventure. Like the episode where they have a version of Pokemon Go, and the “pokemon” come to life!

Overall the plots are fun to watch and perfect for a kids show.


I really dislike the animation style of this series, unfortunately. It reminds me of a video game not a show. I don’t like how it makes the ghouls look. 

However I’m sure someone out there likes it, so I will give it 2 hearts.


Some of the ghouls they are re-introducing I do like their redesigns. 

For example, Abbey’s new look is super nice:

Operettas is so cute! I love her suspenders:

Overall for redesigns, I give them a 5/5:


I find the show enjoyable and a good casual watching thing. I expect more from the movies but for a web show, this is good. I love the detail level in the background characters as well. Overall, I think Mattel has done a good job in creating a new kids show.

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