Garden Ghouls Toralei Doll Review

Ciao lovelies! Today I'm reviewing Toralei from the Garden Ghouls line of Monster High dolls!

Here are my thoughts....

Overall, the quality of this doll is good. I don't like how the joints stick out and makes the arms un-removeable, however. Her factory paint has no flaws and looks very good.
Her clothes and hair are also in good quality. From her ears to her toes, she is a very well made doll.

She comes with a pair of removeable wings and a removeable tail. She also comes with a dress, heels, and bug eye glasses. 

All of these pieces are high quality (especially the wings!) except the tail, which keeps falling off. I guess the joint for it is too loose. 

Overall for quality, I'd give it a 4/5:
Toralei is dressed in a very cute dress with a mesh top, black collar, butterfly print, red ruffle and mesh ruffle:
 She comes with bug eye glasses that look like cute shades. Her heels have a fish skeleton as the heel, which is super cute. Her dress has a butterfly pattern on it which I do believe is a Tiger Butterfly, which suits Toralei well. Her wings are translucent painted plastic and are removable. 

I love Toralei's outfit, and think it really suits her. Normally I change my doll's clothes a lot, but I think I will leave Toralei her clothes as they are really "her." 

Overall for her outfit:
And now on to .......

Toralei's hair (see above pictures) is orange with a blue streak. She has bangs, and a crimped piece. 

Her hair was slightly dented from being in the box, but a simple boil wash will fix that.

I personally do not like the crimping, but the overall hair is lovely. 

So overall, for the hair, about 4/5 because I don't like the crimped piece. 

 I really love this doll. I think Toralei has a beautiful design, even if in the old canon she was a villian type. 

This doll is very beautiful and her wings are very elegant. I wish her tail would stay on better, and I dislike the crimped piece of hair, but those are my only real complaints, and they're super minor.

Overall for this doll, I give her a 5/5!

 As for where to find her, I found her at Target for $15.

Thanks for reading, stay awesome, and I'll see you in Friday's post!