5 INSANELY SCARY American Urban “Legends”

Ciao lovelies! Wanna hear something scary? Lol, borrowing that from my fave channel at the moment, Snarled. Are you ready for some serious chills?

Today we’re diving into 5 of the scariest American urban legends out there! Not all of these legends originated in American and some originated in America but branched outwards, but these are all legends I heard about in my childhood (or teen-hood) in America! Ya know, since I’m American and all. 

Something today that I want you to consider is that whether these are legends. Is it possible for a half human, half moth to predict tragedy? Can witches wear people’s skin? Did a hook handed man really terrorize teen lovers in the 50’s? Let your brain go wild, and open your mind a little, and read these urban “legends.”

Anyway, enough of that, let’s get into the thrills!

WARNING- Some images may be disturbing, reader discretion is advised. 

#1- Mothman

A West Virginia/North Carolina based legend, the Mothman is a…well. Giant…moth…man. This one is kind of self-explanatory. What’s NOT self-explanatory is that the Mothman is said to be a harbinger of bad things, with some even claiming that the Mothman predicted huge tragedies like 9/11.

What do you think? Do you believe that a half man, half moth creature is really roaming our country, being an omen for bad things to come? Personally I know Mothman so it’s totally true. (my roomie Nightsong, our inside joke is that she is mothman.)


A Navajo legend, Skinwalkers (also called Skin-Takers), are witches that become skin-walkers by killing a member of their family. They then kill and wear the skin of their prey, often stalking one prey for a long time before killing them. Legend says if you see a dog on it’s hind legs, or a deer, and if it doesn’t have a tail, whatever you do, don’t look in it’s eyes. Or you might be marked as the next prey of the Skin-walker.


An Algonquian legend, the Wendigo is a monster born of cannibalism. Legend says if you cannibalize another human, you will become possessed by the spirit of a Wendigo, leaving you a horrible monster with an insatiable desire for human flesh. In some legends, you can also become a Wendigo through excess greed.

The Wendigo is a exceptional hunter, able to run faster than a car, and crawl up walls. They often lure prey out to the woods by making crying or screaming noises. They have more power in the winter- when it is said that if you say it’s name in the winter, you will attract it.

Winter is coming folks, hush hush. Do I personally believe in this legend? Yes, yes I do. I ain’t risking my life just to say that word in the winter.

#4-Hook-Handed Man

Now we have a legend I’m sure all of you have heard. It goes a little something like this…

                Johnny and Sally are driving up to lover’s lane, under a tree. On the radio, they hear that some convicts have escaped a local prison. Suddenly, they hear scratching at the car door, but it’s too dark to see outside. Sally gets scared and Johnny goes out of the car to investigate.
                A few hours pass and Sally begins to hear the steady drip of rain drops on the car roof. She falls asleep to the sound of the rain. In the morning, she wakes up to mud all over the windshield. She gets out of the car to wipe it off, only to see the decapitated body of her boyfriend swinging from the tree, his blood all over the car. The only clue to who did this is a large hook, stuck on the car door.

Sounds a little like the movie “I Know What You Did Last Summer,” but it’s an urban legend that’s been passed around America since the 1950’s, possibly meant to dissuade teens from making out in parked cars.

Or….is it all true, and it was just a warning…to look out for the hook-handed man?

#5-Bloody Mary

A tale I’m sure all of you have heard, Bloody Mary is a popular spooky story/party game for young kids to play at sleepovers.

The game is simple. Go to a bathroom and turn off the lights. Stand in front of the mirror and chant three times, “Bloody mary, bloody mary…” etc. It is said that she will appear in the mirror and, depending on the story, either kill you or scare the crap out of you.

I TOTALLY don’t believe in this….okay so I might. Either way I am NOT about to try it out. 3spooky5me friends.
So that’s the end of this list! I hope you enjoyed it!

Did you get the chills? Let me know! Next urban legend post is internet urban legends!

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