5 Craziest Terrifying Japanese Urban Legends

Ciao lovelies! Today, in the holiday scary spirit, we’re going to be talking about 5 crazy and terrifying Japanese Urban Legends!

Please remember to not read these stories if you’re faint of heart. Japanese urban legends contain mentions of gore, violence, and blood. Don’t read these while you’re alone at night.

And now, let’s get into the list. Sweet dreams.

#1-Teke Teke

Legend has it that one day a beautiful young girl was waiting for a train. As it approached, she fell onto the tracks and was sliced in half by the wheels.

Months later a boy notices a very beautiful girl staring out of a window. When she sees him, she jumps, revealing that she has no lower half. She drags herself to him using her arms, the sound of her body-half making the sound of “Teke-teke.” She reaches him and, using a scythe, slices him in half, turning him into a Teke-teke.

The Teke-Teke is said to go after children who play alone after dark. Obviously a cautionary tale told to children to make them go inside when the sun goes down…..or is it?

#2- Kuchisake-onna

One day, a man is waiting for a train. He is alone, at night, and the train station is very eerie in the dark. He breathes a sigh of relief as an attractive woman with long black hair and a medical mask on over her mouth comes and stands beside him. He is just beginning to relax, when he hears “Am I beautiful?”

“Sorry, what?” He turns to the woman, who repeats again in the same tone,
“Am I beautiful?” The man blushes and says yes. The woman then pulls down her medical mask, revealing that her mouth is slit ear to ear. She smiles a gory smile and says again “Am I beautiful now?”

If you ever find yourself in this situation, you have 3 options:

The first- tell her she is still beautiful. She will slit your mouth to look like hers, to create another Kuchisake-onna. 

The second- Tell her she is ugly, and she will kill you.

The third- Say “Eh” or “So-so” and she will become confused. Run. Run and don’t look back.

You will soon notice that many Japanese urban legends center around the power of choice. Is this a reflection of the introverted nature of the society? Or do demons in Japan just feel more playful than most?

Either way, I never want to run into this woman.

#3-Red Cape or Blue Cape (Aka Manto)

Picture this. You’re alone in the girls bathroom. You hear a suave, gentlemanly voice ask:
“Red Cape, or Blue Cape?”

How do you respond?

If you said red cape, the man would decapitate you, letting your blood spill down your back to create a red cape.

If you said blue cape, the man would choke you until you died, turning your face blue.

Don’t even think about asking for a third color, because Aka Manto (the man who wears a red cape) would kill you anyway. What do you do?
Run. Run as fast as you can. Don’t look back. Don’t hesitate. 

And whatever you do, don’t use the third stall. 


Who lives in the third stall of the girls bathroom? Hanako-san of course. 

Legend has it that if you knock 3 times on the 3rd stall in the girls restroom you can summon the spirit of Hanako-san. 

While Hanako-san won’t kill you, she will torment you and your school for the rest of forever.
So ah, don’t ask for her. She doesn’t like being disturbed.

#5- Do you like the red room? 

We’ve all had a computer virus one time or another. But this virus won’t ever go away.

The Red Room popup is a little virus that somehow gets into your computer.

The progression of the story differs with every telling, but the basics are clear:

You’re alone in your room on a weekend night, late, on the computer. Suddenly you get a popup. 

“Do you like red?” the popup asks. Annoyed, you close the popup and run a virus software.

It pops up again. This time with child’s laughter behind it. “Do you like red?”

Your computer will no longer turn off, your door will lock, and your windows won’t open. 

“Do you like it?” 
“Do you like red?”

Suddenly you will feel compelled. “Yes,” you will think, “I do like red.”
A final popup will appear:

“Do you like the red room?”

“Yes,” you will think, “and my room isn’t red enough.”
You will then proceed to paint the walls red with your own blood.

One heck of a virus, if you ask me. I will probably need something stronger than McAffee antivirus for that. Like….an exorcist.
Thanks for reading our list of the scariest Japanese Urban Legends. Next Friday is the top 5 scariest American urban legends,  so stick around for that.

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