The OFT Guide to Self Love

Ciao lovelies! Lunaria here with the complete OFT guide to self-love! 

Loving yourself can be difficult. Many find difficulty loving themselves because of standards imposed by society. Others have anxiety or depression which can warp their view of themselves. But I'm here to help kickstart that journey and bring us closer to self-love!

The First Step: Learn to accept your flaws.
Nobody is perfect. That is the number one thing to remember when trying to get to a place of self-love is that nobody is perfect. Imperfection is what makes humans unique. It's what makes humans special. It's what makes us human, but also connected to the earth and all the forces in the universe.

Your flaws can be beautiful. Physical imperfections are no problem. Nobody is physically perfect. Perfect is relative.

The Next Step: Develop positive thoughts.
Keep a positivity journal and write happy thoughts in it. Write down everything you're grateful for. Write down everything you love about yourself. Read it whenever you feel sad.
Decorate it with cute stickers and little doodles. Make this journal as happy and bright and positive as you can. Don't ever write anything negative in it. Refer to it when you have bad thoughts.

A good way to develop a happier mindset is to correct your thinking. Whenever you think negatively, stop yourself and correct it. Remember that usually your first thought is what you were taught to think, and your second thought is what you really believe. Make sure your second thought is much more positive than the first.

And Finally: Be kind to others.
To be a good person, be good to others as well as yourself. Putting out that positive energy will bring the positive energy back to yourself. Even if nobody returns your positivity, you will feel better on the inside knowing you have sent out good vibes everywhere you went.

What do you think of our guide to self love? Got anything you want to add? Leave us a comment below!

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