Kinetic Sand Review

Ciao lovelies! Today, I'm reviewing the popular stim toy Kinetic sand. 

**Please note this post may contain affiliate links, but this review is 100% my own opinion and not sponsored.**

If you don't know what stimming is, see THIS post for the details! I explain it there. 

I bought this kinetic sand for $4.50 at Target, but I also found some for $4 on Amazon. 

Here is the packaging:
The packaging is cute and apparently Kinetic Sand is made with real sand, so that's interesting. 

Here are some pics of the sand:
For videos of the sand, look at our Instagram! 

My review:
Overall, I'm giving this toy a 4/5. The sand feels nice, has no bad smell, and is generally nice to play with- but it sticks to my hands. Which I really dislike. The sand comes in many colors and styles, and I'm glad to have finally found single packs at my local Target. 

I'd say this product is definitely worth a try if you're a person who likes to stim. 


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