Executive Dysfunction- REAL TALK

Ciao lovelies! Today’s post is a REAL TALK, and today we’re talking about Executive Dysfunction.

What is Executive Dysfunction?
Executive Dysfunction is a symptom of other mental illnesses, and can be summarized as the inability to complete tasks due to not knowing where to begin and getting overwhelmed.

I personally suffer from this, and how I can best describe it is that, for example, you want to clean your room. So you go to start but then you think, “Where DO I start?” and then you spend like an hour panicking and crying over where to start. Then when you finally start you get distracted easily, thinking about other things to do with the process.

In summary, it’s difficult to do things in a linear, orderly fashion and it gets supremely overwhelming and stressful.

Often times, people with executive dysfunction find they have a hard time with school, cleaning, and other basic life functions.

How to Cope With This?
I personally cope with it by making a list of smaller tasks inside the large task. Then I complete the smaller tasks in any order, and finish the larger task that way.

How common is this?
Executive Dysfunction is more common in people with Autism, ADHD and Depression, all of which are increasingly common disorders in America.

I hope this post helped you learn a little more about Executive Dysfunction.

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