Confessions of a Stim-holic- My Fave Stim Items!

Ciao lovelies! Today, I've got a confession- I'm a stim-holic! I love stimming! Which, I'm sure, you all already know! But today I'm sharing with you my fave stim items!

Stimming, for those unaware, "is some form of movement, sound, or texture that is common in neurodivergent individuals and usually used to self soothe, control anxiety, or filter/block overwhelming sensations." (from our post HERE) Many like myself like to use certain items to stim, especially if they suffer from Anxiety. Stimming can be a relief from anxious tendencies like nail biting, hair twirling, and rocking. (Though sometimes stimming can be gotten from these actions). 

So I thought I'd share a small portion of my collection with you all today and show you my fave stim items!

I have 8 items to show today, and I will be explaining how I use each to stim, and where I got each.
 The light up dinosaur is incredibly squishy and rubbery, and I like to squish it when I feel anxious. It lights up blue and red. I got it at Dollar Tree.
The Squishies I got from Michael's for about $2-$3 each. I love them! They are so satisfying to squish. They aren't SUPER slow rising, but they work. I actually made a video about them, HERE. 
The slime I got at a local toy store named Pufferbellies! It came in a shell shaped container and had a pearl in it. I love it! It's more like putty so it's a nicer stim for me. I love to stretch it and spiral it then squish it. Slime is one of my top stims.
The Rilakkuma burger I made myself! It's stuffed with plastic bags so it makes crinkly noises when I squeeze it. It comforts me to have this in my bag.
 The hourglass I got at Pufferbellies as well. It helps me to calm my breathing before/after/during a panic attack. Watching the little droplets fall calms me down a LOT.
The milk carton squishy I also got at Pufferbellies. It is SUPER slow rising and sooo soft. I ADORE this squishy. This thing really calms me when I get anxiety. I squeeze it and breathe out when it is rising. It helps regulate my breathing.
The robot slime I got at Target for $1. It's like putty, and I stim with it the same way I stim with the pearl slime. 
The mermaid pouch I also got at Pufferbellies, and I stim by running my fingers up and down it. I love watching the colors change.

If you stim- what do you stim with? If you don't stim, what do you think of stimming? Are you going to try it? Stimming is very helpful for anxiety and other mental illness.

For more info on stimming, see This, and This. 

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Thanks for reading! See you in our next post!