5 CHEAP or Free Ways to Deal with Stress You MUST Try!

Ciao lovelies! Since school is starting back up, I thought it would be a good idea to do a post full of 5 cheap or free ways to deal with stress!

All of these methods have worked for me and I encourage you to try them out!

 #1- Meditation
Meditating is a great stress reliever! If you can, spend a few moments each day reflecting and breathing. Focus only on your breathing and slip into a meditative state. Stay that way until you feel comfortable again. I tried this during this summer and it has been working great for me!

 #2- Slime or Playdoh
Slime is cheap to make and you can get Playdoh for 50 cents for a small can at Walmart (or a ten pack of normal cans from amazon for $8!). Stimming with slime or Playdoh helps me reduce my stress, and it's so low cost!

 #3- Music
Music has been my biggest stress reliever since middle school. The power of music is great, and you can make a special "stressed out" playlist to rock out to and forget your troubles for a while. Try dancing away some of that nervous energy!

 #4- Turn your stress into art!
Another great way to relieve stress is through artistic expression. Try painting (you can find paint for 50 cents a bottle at Walmart) on some scrap cardboard. It doesn't even have to be "good," just express yourself through the colors. 

#5- AromaTherapy
Candles, wax melts, fragrance oils, incense. Any scent that puts you at ease is a scent worth keeping around. Aroma therapy is proven stress relief at it's finest, so pick which scents work best for you and get relaxing! The most popular scent for relaxing, by the way, is Lavender.

What do you lovelies think of this list? What do you do to relieve stress? Let me know in the comments!
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Have a lovely day!