The 5 Phases of Owning a Cat

Ciao lovelies! Today's post is something near to my heart (since I have a bunch of cats!)- the 5 phases you go through when you own a cat!

I thought a nice 5 post would be a nice change from all the DIY posts (don't worry, there's more coming anyway!).

So here's the 5 phases you may encounter when owning a cat. Enjoy! 

The kitten phase, aka the Honeymoon phase, is the phase when you first adopt your little furry family member. Whether they be a kitten or not (older cats need love too!), when you first get your new companion you will feel like you're in love with the little fuzzball. This phase is full of lots of cuddles, pets, treats, and purring. 

AHHH, what happened? The disaster phase is the phase in cat ownership where you get the full experience of what owning a cat entails- vomit everywhere for no reason other than "cuz I can", territory marking (peeing) on your stuff, clawing furniture, clawing you, screaming, etc etc. This phase separates the real pet lovers from the trenders, because you need to be fully prepared for this phase and willing to go through it. 
Many cats just have a hard time transitioning to a new home. Give your cat time to adjust and remember- caring for a pet is hard work. Never get a pet as a trend and never give a pet as a gift unless you're certain it will be looked after. Too many pets get returned to shelters because their "owners" weren't ready for the responsibility of a pet. Don't be one of those.

The fuzzball phase- or as I like to call it- the "did I just eat cat fur?" phase. Aka, "omg cats shed a LOT more than I realized" phase. During this phase (and for the rest of your companionship with a cat) you will discover that cat fur is EVERYWHERE. ALL THE TIME. You will ingest it, find it on your clothes, in your bed, in your food, everywhere. You will be finding yourself cleaning out air filters twice as often, and yes, it is because of your charming little fuzzball.

The isolation phase. In this phase, you will find that you talk about your darling little furbaby so much that only the most diehard of cat lovers hang around you anymore. You have so many pictures of your furry child on your phone that it outnumbers selfies. You and your cat are basically life partners now, congrats!

Hahaha, did I say "5 Phases of OWNING A CAT"? Because what I meant was "5 Phases of a cat taking over your life and owning you." You don't, and can't own a cat. These little furry sweeties were worshipped as GODS in Ancient Egypt, and they certainly never forgot that. Once you adopt a little fuzzy they will run you forever. But I can promise you that you will enjoy being their human servant! 

If you want to make a difference in the life of an animal, consider adopting a shelter pet- specifically an older one. Often, older cats and dogs get ignored in favor of puppies and kittens. You shouldn't ignore a pet because of their age!

If you're not ready for a pet, consider donating to the ASPCA, a foundation that helps animals in need.

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed my first branch into comedy writing for a good cause! I hope to encourage more people to adopt pets and create lifelong bonds with loving animals!

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