Quick and Easy 4th Of July DIY Crafts!

Ciao lovelies! Happy Fourth of July! Today I have some patriotic, fun, quick, and easy DIY crafts that can even be done with younger kids/siblings!

For todays crafts, you will need
-White paper
-Washi tape
-Stretchy cord

The first DIY is a Washi Tape American flag! For this you need red and blue washi tape, and a rectangle of white paper.
First, make the stripes with a red washi tape. Next, make the blue square in the corner with a blue washi tape! That's all there is to this DIY!

The second DIY is a simple beaded bracelet in red, white and blue! For this you need stretchy cord, and red white and blue beads!
Cut the cord as long as around your wrist plus a few inches. Bead it and have someone tie it for you. And done!

Happy Fourth of July!

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Thanks for reading! Stay awesome! I'll see you in tomorrow's post!