Party Ghouls Rochelle Goyle Doll Review

Ciao lovelies! Today, I'm reviewing the lovely Rochelle Goyle from the Party Ghouls line!

My amazing boyfriend bought her for me as an early anniversary present! Of course, I asked his permission to review her on the blog because I absolutely LOVE her and want others to know how awesome she is, and he sweetly said I could share with you all how cool this doll is!

We found her on clearance at Target for $10.48 (which EEK might mean they're clearing shelf space for the upcoming Garden Ghouls line!!).
My boyfriend asked if I was buying her and I said no, since I'm pretty broke and also am trying to be more responsible with my money. I said that if the next time we went to Target I had money, I'd buy her then.

I went off to search and see if Target had any League blind boxes for him, and he sneakily grabbed Rochelle and hid her behind his back and when I noticed he said it was nothing. Then he bought her, the sneaky dude! He gave her to me as an early anniversary present and I squealed and was so happy! 

She is so amazingly beautiful! 
Her box art is also so cute! My boyfriend was saying how he thought the box art "Looks nothing like the doll!" and as for my opinion, I don't know. It looks like she has a vest on in the box art but she clearly has a harness on the doll. Also, how CUTE is the Roux purse! Sadly I haven't taken any detail shots of him yet (too busy with detail shots of the doll!). But you can always check my doll instagram to see if I've added any! 

I took some cute detail shots of this amazing beauty (she really is so gore-geous!)
Her color scheme is just so amazingly cute! Plus her hair was nice and soft. I really adore the print of her dress, the flowers have little Fleur De Lis on them! and her shoes do too!

For design of this doll, I'm loving it! 5/5!

As for quality, heck yeah! She doesn't have wonky paint, bad rooting, or stiff stuck out joints (like poor Venus!). Instead she has nice thick hair that's soft, adorable factory paint, good joints, and such cute details! 5/5 for Quality!

Overall? Love it! She's adorable, to die for! Her color scheme is great, quality is great, and she makes the perfect addition to our dollhouse:

So overall, this doll is a must-buy! If you see her on your Target shelf and you're a Monster High collector/lover like me, she's a great find!

And for those barbie collectors out there, Target also had huge sales on barbies:
Video game hero and Fashionistas were practically 50% off!

That's all for today's post! 

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  1. I saw a lot of Monster High figures somewhere while I was at the mall and I thought "Luna would love these!"

    1. I think I saw what you mean! I think they were in hot topic! Thanks for thinking of me! -Lunaria


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