5 Fun Cat Facts

Ciao lovelies! I hope you're ready to learn today because I've got 5 fun and cute cat facts for you, straight from Animal Planet

Today we get to learn a little more about these supremely adorable creatures! Cats are little blessings, and there's a lot of interesting facts about them!

Let's get started!

Fact #1- Cat pregnancies only last 9 weeks!

Fact #2- Cats rub noses together to greet eachother. Also- a nose touch with a tilted head is a polite greeting.

Fact #3- The Maine Coon is the largest house cat. It can get up to 24 pounds!!

Fact #4- Cat brains are genetically more similar to a human's brain than to a dog's!

Fact #5- Cat's front claws are sharper than their back claws!

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