Shea Moisture Sensitive Skin Hand and Body Lotion Review!

Ciao lovelies! Today is a product review, we are reviewing Shea Moisture's hand and body lotion for sensitive skin.

I received this product from Pinch Me!, a subscription box style thing where you can get a box of free samples each month, entirely for free including free shipping! I usually get pet samples so I don't write about them, but this box included some samples that I could try, including a Shea Moisture hand and body lotion for sensitive skin.

This lotion is fragrance free and contains Shea Butter, Marula Oil, White Tea Extract and Oatmeal. 

This lotion is cruelty free, ethically traded and produced, NOT made with animal testing, and organic.

It is fragrance free as many fragrances can irritate sensitive skin. 

When I tried this, my hands felt much softer and moisturized. I have dry skin problems in the summer, and I like this lotion a lot, so I will be using this for my summer skin!
Overall, I give this lotion a 5/5 because not only is it effective and good for my sensitive skin, it is cruelty free, which makes me feel good about using it!

Thanks for reading! See you in our next post!
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  1. Is that a free subscription? Sounds useful.

    1. Yes, it is a free box with free shipping! Here is the link


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