Party Hair Draculaura REVIEW!

Ciao lovelies! Today, I'm reviewing Party Hair Draculaura, a new doll from Mattel's Monster High!

I've wanted this doll for a while, but wasn't willing to pay the $20 for her. After all, she isn't even articulated (meaning she doesn't even have posable arms!) So I didn't think she was worth $20. Finally she went on sale at my local Walmart so I grabbed her up. 

I'll be honest- I love styling doll hair! I hope to find a styling head at a thrift store and make it over, or buy the official Monster High one! So I was highly interested in this doll for that reason, and because.....

Her clothes are so cute! I totally wanted to add her cute dress, socks, and boots to our doll wardrobe! 

So I got her out of the packaging- And noticed that her hair is SO low quality! Really Mattel? You make a HAIR STYLING DOLL, and her hair looks like this?
You can see her scalp if you do any sort of styling on her!

Anyway, she comes with 31 accessories (Including the brush). She has 3 hair extensions, 2 pairs of skeleton hand accessories, 6 rose accessories, 1 brush, 1 large heart accessory, 2 flat clips, 8 hair holders with bat wings, a necklace, 2 flowery accessories, and 3 large hairstyle helpers- and a stand.

This video by Monster High's official YouTube shows some hair styling options:

One thing I was hugely unhappy with was that her main ponytail thing is permanently rooted to her head! And mine was crooked. 

This doll has 9 inches of hair, which is pretty impressive for a doll. 

I dressed her in the Welcome to Monster High Draculaura's clothes:

And I gave our custom vampire (post coming soon) the clothes from party hair Draculaura:

So, what do I give this doll?

Bad rooting, cheap looking hair, lots of split ends, very easily tangled.

Cute, could be used for other dolls.

No chipping, mistakes, etc.

Not worth the original price, not happy about the lack of articulation, hair was an absolute let-down, only selling point of this doll was the clothes. That being said, I've seen worse.

What do you all think of this doll? Have you seen her in stores? Bought her yourself? What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments!

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See you in our next post!