Monster Academy Dollhouse!- (DIY- ish)

Ciao lovelies! Today, I'm going to show you how I turned my old dollhouse into a Monster Academy for my mini dolls!
At first, it was only going to be for Monster High Minis, but I figured I can use all sorts of mini dolls with this set!

So here is what the dollhouse looked like before: (I've had it for 10 years):

To start, I fixed some structural details (reglued the sides). Next, naturally, I painted the whole thing. I even made one side look like the sky and some grass so I could have outdoor scenes!

Next was to pick some carpeting, since the wood floor had seen better days and...yeah. So I picked some felt for upstairs and some dollhouse carpet for downstairs and hotglued them both in (with some help from the mini ghouls!)

Next was the windows, one of which had no "glass" (plastic) and one was painted on from earlier paint attempts. So I used some spiderweb fabric- I mean, I had the lovely Twyla put some cobwebs up- to cover them. 

All the other little details were after thoughts. The spiderweb trimming on the edges, the window box made out of beads with fake flowers and a hand sticking out, the little welcome banner- all after thoughts. 

Oh! And the Monster Academy sign is removable- it's not permanent in any way. 

After all that work was done, here is what we had:

A great space to send our ghouls to school! All we needed was some furniture. So I used the bleachers I had already made from popsicle sticks. The round table is a ribbon spool covered in felt, ribbon, and spider trim. The dino skeleton display is a skeleton from some slime, hot glued to a flat stone. The pharaoh and plant- the plant was fake flowers in a round bead, the pharaoh was from a excavation kit. (THIS video). In the group scene, the dino exhibit is a solar terrarium from Dollar Tree. The notebook is from Party City in the party favors section. 

Doll crafts and fun finds are my specialty, so I may do more posts like this. What do you all think?

Let me know in the comments below if you'd like to see more doll crafts!

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Stay awesome!