DIY Flower Dangle Clip!

Ciao lovelies! Today let's do an advanced craft together and make a DIY dangle flower clip!

This clip is very elegant and could be used for a fancy dress up day!
To make this, you need:
-A fake flower
-Felt scraps
-An alligator clip
-Hot Glue gun and glue
-Old chain pieces
-Jump rings
-Needle nose pliers

I'm using random charms that I had laying around for mine (including a small bell.)

 To start, use a felt scrap and hot glue the alligator clip to the flower. Use another felt scrap to glue the chain pieces to the flower below the clip:

Now, use jump rings to attach the charms to the chains. And you're done! 

Have fun making this fancy flower dangle clip!

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