5 Great Gifts for Grads!

Ciao lovelies! Today, I’m sharing 5 great gifts for graduates this graduation season (both DIY and buy!)

These gifts are sure to make any graduate happy! Before we start, I just want to say:
CONGRATS CLASS OF 2017! Whether you’re a high school graduate, or a collage/university graduate, you’ve worked hard to get here and I’m super proud of you!

So now, let’s look for some gifts for the class of 2017!

#1- A Planner
Show your grad that you know they have a busy future ahead full of successes by getting them a planner! You could opt for a nice academic planner like THIS one or even a blank bujo planner like THIS one Help your grad take their first steps into whatever lies ahead with a new planner!
Cost- $8-$50 for planners.

#2- DIY Slime in their school colors.
If you’re a peer of a grad and want to get your friend an awesome grad gift, why not make them some slime in their school colors? Slime recipes like THIS one are easily found all over the internet, relatively cheap, and I’m sure your friend will love playing with it. Plus they will appreciate the hand made gift!
Cost- $5 for materials

#3- Merch from their top school
(Make sure your grad got accepted into their top school and have decided to go first!) If you know which college/university your grad is going to, why not buy them some merch from their new school? Hoodies are a good choice, as are blankets, and sweatpants!
Cost- Usually around $40 but depends on the school.

#4- Gift Cards!
So I know a lot of people don’t like the idea of giving gift cards to people, but hear me out. Both high school and college grads will need a gift card to places like Target, Bad Bath and Beyond, etc. High school graduates would need it for their dorms, and college would need it for new houses/apartments!
Cost- Any amount you want to gift!

#5- Chair Pillows!
I know this seems oddly specific, but coming from a college kid, this thing is so great. This is more suited for high school grads, but I’m sure college grads could use them as well! For high school grads going into college- their bed is basically the everything space in their room. So a chair pillow will help prevent backaches during late night study sessions! I got mine with my graduation money, so I count it as a gift. And it was SUPER helpful!
Cost- $15-$25

Do you have any grads in the class of 2017 in your life? Are you a grad of 2017? Let us know!

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