10 Productive Things to Do When Bored (For Kids/Teens!)

Ciao lovelies! With summer almost upon us, soon many kids and teens will be bored out of their minds. With summer and endless free time comes much boredom after all. So what can we all do to keep ourselves from being tortured by boredom? Something productive!

In this list, you can find 10 productive things to do when bored! This way, you can solve your boredom and get fun rewards from it like earning some extra cash or free stuff, or making something new, or learning new stuff! Productivity for the win!

#1- Learn a New Skill
There are tons of new skills you can teach yourself when bored, especially since YouTube has a tutorial for pretty much anything. Some ideas of new skills to learn:
-A new sport
-A new instrument
-Sign language
-A new spoken language
-Expand your vocabulary

The possibilities are endless! If you don’t like these ideas, try typing “How to” into the YouTube search bar to find other new skills!
#2- Earn some free cash!
Make sure to get parent’s permission for this one! It’s not a bad thing to take surveys to earn some extra cash, but you need to make sure you find a safe site with no viruses! I personally use Crowdtap, and earn Amazon Giftcards! I have been using this for a few years, and it’s a pretty good way to earn extra cash while you’re bored, especially since you’d probably just be doing nothing if not answering some questions about brands.

#3- Reorganize Your Room!
Reorganizing your room will certainly take a long time, cure your boredom, and give you an awesome new space to hang out in! It won’t cost you anything either unless you want to buy new décor. Try rearranging your furniture if your parents are okay with it! That can bring a whole new feeling to a room, and so can new posters! Try drawing some of your own!

#4- Help Your Parents With Household Chores!
I know this sounds boring, but it is actually a good idea and your parents would really appreciate it. Plus it can kill time and take away boredom, and it’s super productive! If your parents feel like it, they might even pay you! But you should of course do it out of the kindness of your heart, not looking for money.

#5- Organize a Yard Sale!
Once you’ve reorganized your room, I’m sure you found plenty of old stuff you don’t want anymore! Time to ask your parents permission to have a Yard Sale! Take the time to decide how much you want to sell everything for, find some tables, chairs, set it all up, make some signs and wait! You could earn some spending money this way!

#6- Wash Your Dogs/Pets!
Usually only dogs really like the water (and you should NEVER wash a pet like a rabbit- it could die!). So try giving your dogs (if you have them) a bath! I’m sure your dog would really appreciate being clean (And you could kill your boredom!).

#7- Get a Part Time Job!
This is for older teens who are at or above the working age of their state/country. If you can, try getting a part time job! You could earn money, get experience (to add to a resume), and kill your boredom!
#8- Start a Garden!
A great thing to do for the environment is to start a garden! You could make a big garden and grow food, or a small window box and grow flowers or herbs. Watering the plants every day, and giving them fertilizer is like taking care of a pet and makes you feel fulfilled!

#9- Crafting!
Crafting is fun and at the end, you get a cute new item! You could craft lots of stuff, like new hair accessories, doll items, new jewelry, or household items for yourself! We have a future post coming that will have lots of DIY tutorials!

#10- Start a Blog!
I started my blog when I was 11 years old, and I totally loved it! It was so fun being able to share my ideas and such with people! I also really liked it because it opened my eyes to the world around me and I learned so much! I think starting a blog is a great alternative to journaling, (though you could still have a physical journal- I do!). If you do start a blog, comment the URL below- I’d love to read it!

Thanks for reading! I hope these ideas help to kill some summertime boredom for you all!

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See you in our next post! Let’s have a great summer!


  1. Hey, Luna. I remember in your May 'bucket list' thingy you said that you wanna redecorate your room, I wonder how it goes. 😁

    1. It's not going that well actually. I had a lot more stuff than I realized. But I did reorganize it!

  2. Replies
    1. With crowdtap, you answer questions about brands (there's a lot of "which label looks better?" And "would you buy a product that has xyz in it?") to earn points towards an amazon gift card! As you level up you can earn more. Each level up gains another $5 amazon card! It's a pretty good way to kill time. I do it while I watch tv. ❤️

  3. Hey Luna, I just started a blog analysing anime characters with my cousin. I’d like you to give it a read. otakusanalyze.blogspot.com

    1. Very interesting! I can't wait to see more from your blog! :) I personally need to get caught up with Assassination Classroom, but I do like your analysis of Nagisa!


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