Festival Fashion 3 Ways

Ciao lovelies! Recently, I've looked at the newest trends in Festival Fashion and decided, hey, why not make 3 different looks that all have elements of festival fashion but in different fundamental styles?

So here's how you can wear festival-esque fashion in a traditional Bohemian (boho) style, a witchy style, and a preppy style, for all your music/art/etc festival needs!

 This boho festival look takes huge cues from 60's-70's era hippies, a la Woodstock. The round rose tinted sunnies remind me of the hippie days for sure, but the bucket bag and high waisted shorts bring it back to being modern. For a boho festival look, earthy tones are a must, and loose waves and some braids will certainly bring the carefree bohemian vibes.
 How can you maintain the carefree festival spirit in a more preppy look? Of course, let's keep the round sunnies, but this time, opt for ones with cute little daisies decorating the rims. We can keep the braid in this look by incorporating it into a casual updo. Continuing the nature theme, we carry over the flowery print onto the dress. Some sandals in a cheery yellow really tie together this preppy festival look.
Lastly, how to maintain your witchy look while having festival style elements? Well of course, like the last two looks, round sunnies are a trendy item in this years festivals, and for a witchy girl/guy, we can find them in black (and sometimes purple). Loose curls with a crown braid gives that old medieval look, while fantasy-looking makeup brings us back to modern. Of course, we can't forget our big floppy hat and black boots, reminiscent of AHS Coven. You can have tons of fun at festivals like Ceresalia (since Beltane is over by now) in this kind of festival look!

I hope you all enjoyed these festival looks! Have you been to any festivals yet this festival season? Tag us on Instagram (@onlyfunthingsblog) in all your festival looks for the chance to be featured!

See you tomorrow!


  1. I went to SonRise Music Festival on April 29, 2017 and it was F-U-N. Hot though, but fun.


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