A-Z Things to Do When Bored

Ciao lovelies! Today’s post is a complete alphabet of stuff to do for fun when you find yourself bored out of your mind!

The next time you find yourself bored, just go through the ABC’s! Most of the stuff on this list is good for bored people of all ages! Kids and adults alike!

A is for Arts and Crafts! If you’re bored, do something artsy. Draw a picture, paint something, hot glue something, etc etc!

B is for bike riding! When you’re bored, you can go ride a bike!

C is for cookies! Bake some cookies! Or other delicious snacks!

D is for dancing! Dance along to some awesome music!

E is for eating! Eat a fun snack!

F is for farmer’s market! You can visit a farmer’s market if you’re bored!

G is for game! Play a video/board game to stop being bored!

H is for hopscotch! You can play hopscotch at any age! 

I is for instrument! You can play a musical instrument if you’re bored!

J is for Jam! Try making homemade jam the next time you get bored!

K is for knit! Learn to knit if you’re bored!

L is for landmark! Visit a local landmark and take lots of pictures! 
M is for movies! Watch lots of movies!

N is for nature! Go enjoy the great outdoors!

O is for ocean! Go to the beach!

P is for party! Throw a party for you and your friends!

Q is for quiet! Try taking a nap or doing a quiet activity!

R is for research! Pick a topic and learn all you can! Teach someone else about it too!

S is for swimming! You can go swimming in a pool, ocean, or lake!

T is for tea! Have a tea party all dressed up with some friends. You can make it classy and sophisticated or fun and costumey!

U is for unique! Do something unique, like make your own perfume scent or a one-of-a-kind hairbow!

V is for visiting! Pay a visit to a friend, or relative!

W is for wild! Watch some documentaries on wild animals!

X is for x-ray vision. Write a story about what you’d do with super powers, specifically x-ray or laser vision. 

Y is for YOU! Take a self-care day. Have a nice bath, paint your nails, relax!

Z is for ziplining! Find a zip-lining place near you and try it out!

I think the next A-Z post I do will be about A-Z DIY projects!

For now, I’ll see you tomorrow!

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  1. Thanks so much for writing this! I am using this with my therapy group.

    1. that is awesome! thank you for using this, i am very honored ! :) say hello to your group for me :)

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