5 DIY Mother’s Day Gifts

Ciao lovelies! With Mother’s Day coming up on the 14th, I’m sure you’re all doing your last-minute gift struggle. I’m here to help!

I looked all over the internet for DIY gifts worthy of being a Mother’s Day gift, and compiled the 5 best ones that are straightforward and fun! 

So here’s 5 DIY Mother’s Day gifts!

Pic credit cpeezers.com
#1- A tape painting
Have you ever wanted to make your mom a painting, but alas, painting is way too hard and takes a TON of patience? Fear not! You can still make your mom an amazing painting without messing with your patience! Try tape painting, a method where you use masking/painters tape to mark out a design, abstract paint over it, and peel off the tape to reveal a cute design! Try marking out the words “I love you” for your mom!

Pic credit patchworkcactus.typepad.com
#2- A printed pillow
Another cute idea is to make a custom printed pillow for your mom! You can easily buy or make a stamp of your mom’s fave thing, her fave fruit, item, etc, even baseball team- and get some fabric paint and a pillowcase! Repeat the stamp all over the pillowcase with the paint and let it dry. Put it on a throw pillow and you’re done! This is a great gift because you can customize it to your mom’s fave things and show her that you really care!

Pic credit ninered.blogspot.com
#3- String Art
Another great piece of décor you can customize for your mother is a cute piece of String Art! The basics of how to make this is easy- hammer some nails in the outline of your design, and tie string around it! You can find more detailed instructions HERE! You can completely customize this gift to your mom’s fave things!

Pic credit pelfind.net
#4- Jewelry
Why not try your hand at making your mom some custom DIY jewelry? The basics are simple, and you can buy all the basic jewelry making supplies at Walmart. You can go simple by beading a bracelet, or complex by making some dangly earrings or a ring. The possibilities are endless!

Pic credit brit.co
#5- Beauty Products
Give your mom something she can use to pamper herself! You can make her almost anything you can imagine! DIY sugar scrubs are easy and can be put into cute jars, Bath Bombs are actually simple to make as well, you could even try your hand at making Candles with special scents like lavender for relaxation!

Of course, the best gifts always come from the heart. You could, in addition to one of these gifts, do all the chores for your mom, cook dinner/bake something, or do yardwork for your mom!
And of course, most importantly, tell your mom just how much she means to you and how much you love her!

I hope this Mother’s Day you all have a lovely time with your mom. I’m away from home, but I will be calling my mom and making her a gift that I can bring home to her when I come back from college! I love my mom a lot and I hope she sees this and knows how happy I am to have her in my life. Of course, I’m telling her personally too.

Have a great day everyone! See you tomorrow!

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